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What To Do If Your Water Heater Is Leaking

Sometimes you just want to relax and treat yourself right? It’s Friday night, you’ve had a long and exhausting week at work, maybe you’ve even been running all over town for school events for your children. You’ve more than earned yourself an hour or so relaxing in a hot bath. However, there appears to be a problem. 


When you ran your bath water instead of the steaming heat you were looking forward to, your tub has filled with what feels like glacial water. In your frustration, you go to check your water heater only to be greeted with a large amount of water beneath it. 


Don’t pull your hair out, take a deep breath, and keep reading. Today United Water Restoration Group of Ontario would like to take a moment of your time to help you determine where your water heater is leaking from, and what your best option is to confront the problem.


Finding The Source

When trying to pinpoint the source of where your water heater is leaking from, you’re going to want to take a careful approach from top to bottom. There’s even the chance that it’s not even the water heater that’s leaking, but rather a connecting pipe. 


Begin the inspection of your water heater visually starting with the water supply lines that feed into the tank. From there, continue this process working your way down by inspecting every aspect of the tank including the pressure release valve, and drain line.


Exercise caution when conducting your inspection as you are working with a water heater after all. When inspecting for the cause of why your water heater is leaking, keep in mind that any attempt to disassemble your water heater bears the potential risks of personal injury as well as increasing the water damage in the area, leading to a bigger problem on your hands. 


When you find the source of the leak you can properly determine if you can tackle the problem on your own, or if you’ll need repairs or full water heater replacement by professionals. Depending on the amount of water that’s leaked from the water heater, it’s possible you’ll need to seek water mitigation too.


Addressing Damage Left Behind

There’s a good chance that a leaking water heater has caused at least some damage to your property with the water it left behind, and if that’s the case you’re going to want United Water Restoration Group of Ontario on your side. 


With our tools of the trade, our staff of expertly trained professionals, and the ability to work with all insurance providers we are your best choice when it comes to mitigating water damage and conducting water damage restoration. You can contact us today at (909) 413-5444. Contact us about our services today!

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