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Why Should You Use a Professional Water Damage Company?

The United Water Restoration Group of Ontario, California can provide you with fast repair services after a flood, pipe burst, or other water damage event. Working with a professional water damage company in Ontario, California can allow you to get back your peace of mind quickly.

Find out how we can restore your property to pristine condition now by calling us at (909) 413-5444. Benefits of working with a professional water damage restoration company include:


Getting Fast Help with Repairs

Professional water damage restoration techs are ready to spring into action when you need help the most. We understand that floods and frozen pipes don’t wait for a convenient time to cause damage. That’s why we’re ready to rush out to your property to begin reducing flood damage.


Access to the Correct Equipment

Handling water damage repair takes the correct tools. Our team uses industry-approved tools to handle repairs, including:

  •         Industrial strength water pumps
  •         Dehumidifiers and fans
  •         Infrared scanners to locate moisture
  •         Cleaning and disinfecting agents

We bring the equipment we need with us when we arrive at your home or business. Take charge of the clean-up process right now with a water damage company in Ontario, California


Help Filing an Insurance Claim

You can file a claim with your property owner’s insurance company after a pipe burst or flood in Ontario, California. We know how to deal with insurance agents, which can help you get compensation for repairs and restoration. We’ll also walk you through the steps to filing your claim.


Assistance with Mold Remediation

Floods, sewage backups, and other water damage events in Ontario, California can lead to mold outbreaks. A professional water damage company in Ontario, California can help you handle mold clean-up right away. This can help you get rid of foul smells and protect your health.


Contact a Professional Water Damage Company in Ontario

Using a professional water damage company in Ontario, California can ensure that your property is returned to perfect condition after a pipe burst or flood. Our team at United Water Restoration Group of Ontario, California will put your first after any kind of water damage. Just call (909) 413-5444 so we can get to work for you.

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