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Smoke Smell Removal: How is it Done?

Home and business fires are a growing concern in America. There are thousands of structural fires every year and no business or home is fully immune to this type of damage. Even after a minor fire, damage and odors can linger. Though airing out your building may help in minor cases, smoke odor removal services may be necessary in more mild to severe circumstances.

It can be hard to picture your home or business returning to normal after a severe fire event. Mild fire damage, though it may not cause physical harm to your property, can produce enough smoke to linger. Smoke can seep into porous objects and cracks and settle in. The thought of returning to normalcy after such an event may be hard to imagine. However, smoke smell removal is possible. United Water Restoration Group of Ontario, a company that deals with fire, smoke, water, mold, and flood damages, is here to help you better understand smoke odor removal.

Recognizing Smoke Odor and Damages

Though a fire event could be minor, it can cause lingering problems in your home or business. Smoke damage can be entirely invisible to the naked eye, but it rarely finds solace from the powers of the nose. If after experiencing your fire event you still smell that burning odor, smoke damage is likely. There are several types of smoke damage that may warrant smoke odor removal services. United Water Restoration Group of Ontario understands that the types of smoke damage may not be well known, here are a few different kinds of smoke damage:

Dry Smoke

Dry smoke typically occurs by fast-burning materials, like wood and paper. This kind of smoke is easy to clean out and remove as it comes in a powdery texture that can be easily wiped away. Dry smoke is one of the easier smoke odors to detect as the scent is pungent. 

Electrical Smoke

This type of smoke damage can be impossible to detect as it can occur behind the walls of your building. Due to this, the odor may take you a little while to notice, but once it is there, it’s there. Electric smoke odor removal can be difficult due to the nature of wiring in the home or business. These wires may literally hide behind thick walls. The scent given off by electrical smoke is pungent and easy to recognize. If this form of smoke occurs in your home, shut off your breaker, and contact United Water Restoration Group of Ontario.

Wet Smoke

Wet smoke is the type of smoke that emanates from slow-burning items such as plastic and rubber. This can occur from a number of items in the average home or business. The odor from this type of smoke is also very pungent and easy to recognize. Due to its nature, it is harder to get out of one’s home or business alone. This is because the smoke is so pungent and thick that it seeps and embeds itself into cracks and porous materials. Smoke odor removal is recommended through professional services as the smoke produced may contain toxic fumes and odors.

Recognizing these forms of smoke damage is typically done by the scents they leave in your home or business. These odors may persist and linger for some time after the fire event. If allowed to linger, they can continue to cause damage and create an unhealthy environment. Smoke smell removal services are the only way to get rid of more serious events. 

How is Smoke Odor Removal Accomplished?

Though smoke damage and odors can linger, professional services, such as those provided by United Water Restoration Group of Ontario, can remedy them. Though it can be difficult to imagine your home or business after a major event, our company has proven techniques and practices that help with full smoke odor removal. Our smoke smell removal services have several steps to ensuring your home or business’ health. 

Smoke odor removal is accomplished by hard work, tried and true practices, and specialized industrial equipment crafted for smoke smell removal. Though it depends on the severity and place of the incident, smoke odor removal can be accomplished. United Water Restoration Group technicians come to your home or business with specialized equipment. This equipment, typically air scrubbers, are able to remove odors from the air. Air scrubbers typically referred to as air purifiers, grab particles from the air. Once turned out, an air scrubber will begin sucking in the air. Through this process, they filter out certain particles and spores in the air and churn out petrified air. Once the purified air is released, it continues the process of grabbing more air. These machines work quickly, they absorb, filter, and push out air at a rather rapid pace. 

United Water Restoration Group of Ontario technicians come equipped with portable, industrial air scrubbers. These air scrubbers give us the flexibility to complete our task of smoke odor removal. Smoke smell removal can be accomplished in as little as a few hours. This all depends on the severity of the fire, especially if materials grab and absorb the smoke odors. Certain items in your home or business may need to be removed and sanitized to complete the task of smoke smell removal. Items such as furniture, clothing, and rugs can be removed temporarily and sanitized. Items like drywall, carpeting, and insulation may need to be entirely replaced if smoke damage has seeped into them. To learn more about United Water Restoration Group’s smoke odor removal and fire restoration services, check out our blog for a more detailed look!

Smoke Smell Removal Services

Smoke smell removal services are crucial to placing your home or business back into a state of normalcy. Though these services can take some time to accomplish, they are the only guaranteed way to remove smoke odor. United Water Restoration Group is a company that focuses on fire, flood, mold, water, and smoke damages. Our smoke odor removal services can help bring you peace of mind and your home or business back to pre-loss status.

United Water Restoration Group of Ontario can assist you with any level or variety of smoke damage. If you have recently experienced a fire event and require fire restoration or smoke odor removal services, contact United Water Restoration Group of Ontario at (909) 413-5444. We are located at 2125 S. Hellman Ave., Ontario, CA.

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