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5 Common Signs of Water Damage

Five Signs You Have Water Damage

It’s important to recognize common signs of water damage. Knowing the more common water damage signs can go a long way towards catching a problem while it’s still relatively small. United Water Restoration Group of Ontario, California would like to offer some handy tips of what to watch for, hopefully saving you from a headache and a hurting wallet later. 


Sight, Sound, Smell


  • Damp Odor

You know the smell after a fresh rain, or when you’ve recently used the shower. You know what moisture smells like, and you know where that smell can be found. If you find the onset of damp odors or musty smells on your property, you’ve likely encountered a sign of water damage and potentially mold as well.

  • Structural Swelling

If you notice ceilings beginning to sag or walls warping slightly, this is another sign of water damage that is now affecting the visual state of your structure. This type of water damage can also cause paint to chip or peel easily due to the moisture in your woodwork.

  • A Steady, Constant Drip

If you’re hearing a steady drip where there shouldn’t be, and you’ve insured it’s not from a faucet, then you’ve likely found another sign that you’re dealing with a water problem.

  • Stains

If you’re noticing discoloration that doesn’t go away, this is a sign of prolonged exposure to moisture. Water damage stains can be found in many places on a property. From stained flooring to discoloration on ceilings, these water damage signs are easy to notice. 

  • Puddles

More obvious than stains themselves, if you encounter puddles or pools of water you’re dealing with water damage signs as they happen. This could be from a leaking pipe, malfunctioning washers or dishwashers, or unseen structural damage.


Call Us When You Have Signs Of Water Damage

These are just five of the more common signs of water damage you may encounter. But they’re not the only signs, you could even find yourself dealing with exterior water damage. If you have spotted signs of water damage, give United Water Restoration Group of Ontario, California a call at (909) 413-5444.


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