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Cleaning & Disinfecting Services Ontario, California


United Water Restoration Group of Ontario, California can assist homes and businesses with our cleaning and disinfecting services. Our cleaning and disinfecting services in Ontario, California can help a business after a regular or busy day of traffic. It can be utilized by homeowners seeking to add a layer of protection before or after any social gathering. These cleaning services target potentially harmful pathogens, irritants, and allergens and can help improve overall air quality in a building as well as protect those who depend on it.



Pathogens like the flu or the common cold can easily spread through a home or business. A carrier of a pathogen may be entirely unaware and can spread it with no symptoms shown. During our cleaning and disinfecting services in Ontario, California, our technicians will target high-touch surfaces and items. These surfaces and items are touched often but typically are cleaned rarely. High-touch surfaces such as counters, doorknobs, handles, and cabinets are touched frequently and are rarely cleaned often. 

Our technicians in Ontario, California can assist in making your business or home a safe place for the people who depend on it. Our cleaning and disinfecting services have our technicians carefully comb through your property to provide a deep, thorough clean. While dispensing our cleaning services, our certified technicians in Ontario, California follow all CDC, EPA, and OHSA guidelines. All products used by our technicians in Ontario, California are approved by the EPA.

During our cleaning services, our technicians will go through your property and provide a thorough cleaning. Our technicians have specialized equipment for cleaning certain areas and items. Our deep clean techniques will help rid your property of potentially dangerous substances that are commonly found in a building. 


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"Extremely satisfied. Alex was amazing."
"I am extremely satisfied with their fast response & service. I would definitely recommend United Water Restoration Group. Thank you."