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Services in Pomona, California

United Water Restoration Group is widely known for the expertise of our employees, and our access to equipment appropriate for any job. Whether you’re in need of water damage restoration, mold remediation, or anything in between our team members in Pomona, California are standing by to help you. Below you’ll find a brief introduction to the services we offer in the Pomona, California area.


Water Damage Restoration in Pomona, California

Throughout the entire year, through each and every season, property owners can find themselves ankle-deep or deeper in water damages brought on by unforeseen circumstances. When water damage gives you a sinking feeling, our technicians in Pomona, California are the lifeline you need. Water damage restoration is the only certain way to roll back the clock on any water damage scenario, and it can only be accomplished with the right tools and the right training. From the opening stages of cleanup through the final stages of restoration, our technicians will leave no stone unturned, effectively addressing your water damage as well as preventing potential mold outbreaks.



Fire Damage Restoration in Pomona, California

Whether it’s the result of an electric fire, a cooking-related incident, or something else, fire damage isn’t something anyone expects, but too often can become a reality. Our fire damage restoration technicians in Pomona, California are specially trained to assist you in returning your property to pre-loss normalcy when you’re the victim of fire damage. Through our fire damage restoration process we can isolate affected areas to prevent any further damages, conduct emergency repairs, and proceed with an in-depth cleanup and restoration process that includes removing damages, restoring items that can be saved, and providing an in-depth sanitization to the site.


Mold Remediation in Pomona, California

Did you know that at any given moment indoors, you’re surrounded by an average of 200-500 mold spores? That number may sound intimidating, but it’s actually quite normal. Mold spores can find their way inside from outdoors through windows, vents, and even being brought in on clothing. It’s as natural as the air we breathe, and on its own relatively harmless. However, under the right set of circumstances, a few hundred mold spores can settle, grow, and become full-blown infestations of mold colonies. Our mold remediation process provided by technicians in Pomona, California has the equipment and training necessary to confront these mold outbreaks and the associated airborne contamination that causes lingering odors in its wake. During the closing stages of mold remediation, our Pomona, California area technicians will go through your property in its entirety to ensure that there is no chance of recurring mold outbreaks in the future.


Disinfecting & Cleaning Services in Pomona, California

Beyond our normal restoration and remediation services, our technicians in Pomona, California also provide decontamination and disinfection services. Utilized by homeowners and commercial enterprises alike, these services focus on harmful pathogens, allergens, and spreading irritants that can build up in a building over time through normal usage. With complex equipment suites and expert training, your property can be assessed, sanitized, and disinfected of any potential contaminants that will allow you and others to breathe easily. What were once breeding grounds for germs and pathogens are now ready for use once again, allowing you peace of mind that our technicians have provided in this extra layer of defense.